Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Tuesday morning Sanitas hike
in the category of
"this is why it's so amazing to live in Boulder"

and here is my place
all furniture in the center,
all things put away
everything covered in plastic
ready for the guys to scrape the ceilings
only to find that they were painted over (who knew)
and therefore it's almost triple the cost
so screw it
~ but then there was this clearing,
having my whole house in the center of the room n' all,
this feeling of clarity and cleanliness,
it was awesome!
so instead of just putting everything back in its place
I am pausing, carefully only returning
that which I LOVE to its spot
and it feels so much simpler in here
It's very exciting, what's coming
in terms of my home & clarity & beauty
I've been working on it for almost half a year now,
and it's beginning to come together
I am going to spend 5% of my bonus
(payout Sept 15th)
on new furniture!
Hopefully I can get:
a new desk,
one bedside table for
"the man who is coming"
coffee table
if I have $$ left over I would buy:
a comfy armchair
a tall kitchen table
& barstools
but you know those lists...
they never end.


  1. Hey H -- Love this! One of the first things I bought after I left CO and one of the only things I brought with me here is my own LaZBoy chair. I can't recommend it enough. It was a huge splurge but it's comforting and nurturing I read in it, sleep in it, cocoon in it with a cup of tea. I love the symbolism of buying myself a LaZBoy, too. Plus it is a cool southwestern print.

    Stefan is moving here soon so everything will get rearranged again. It's good to purge and keep only what you love, huh?

  2. Yep! You are right about the never-ending-ness. I have a list as well as a mental list. I feel like it will certainly take 20 years for our house to be exactly how I'd like it right NOW...

    But good for you with the soon-to-be-reached goals! Hey - we will be in SFO @ Dav & Mie's 6/15 - 6/19 (then San Jose 6/19 - 6/23) if you're in the area!