Sunday, May 20, 2007


It was a really big weekend for me! Both Dana and Katia were in town... Dana and I kicked off Friday happy hour with a bang @ my new favorite place ever, the St. Julian, and made ourselves sick on the chocolate fondue for two!
Then, Saturday I ran my 8 miles (1:17 woop woop) and then had the pleasure of having an unbelievably long and leisurely day with Becca, Mimi, Katia & Loooooooochi! It was so amazing to be with these two mommas, they're both just very graceful with their girls. I keep saying this to all my new mom friends, but it's almost like I'm this little bird listening in on their conversations as they talk about the sweetness, the struggles, the sleep deprivation... a part of me has gotten extremely afraid !! about becoming a mother someday, but also I know I'm going to be that much more prepared when the time comes. One thing I can just say right now, I am SO about getting "help". I mean PAID HELP. I am sure that sounds absolutely obnoxious, but I don't know if I can know myself any better - and what I am (to manage my well-being) is completely high maintenance. I am so fearful of the sleep and post-partum depression but I guess that as with anything, I should wait until I am crossing that road to worry about it!
I love hearing adorable baby stories, and I just want to capture some sweet things now so I remember... Luchi's little pointing finger saying look, I see you, look at the new person who walking in the room, look at the kitty, look at the bus, look at the (fill-in-the-blank)... Mimi's delicate little features and especially the way that she leans back onto you like a little back rest and then carries on with her little project... watching Luchi stand up all solid then take a wee few steps forward... signing "kitttttty kitttttty" to her (she already does "more" and "milk")... how when the Jones clan arrived, we all thought that Kobe looks just like Allen and already is 100% PURE SURFER... and p.s. Dylan should so be a model! Oh, and Luci's tongue. Look at that thing! It goes left, it goes right, and it sure eats a lotta watermelon, grapes, peas and squash!

*Okay but can you blame me for my favorite picture being Luci putting her (what's that thing called that you hold and shake - when you sing la cucaracha?? mariachi - no that's the band... what's that called???) down her momma's top - they're all very into their momma's boobies!


  1. Anonymous7:09 AM

    ahhh...what a great post! i love it when we make it in helen's blog!! we had a super day -- thanks for letting us join you! I am still hyped bout that yoga class -- maybe we can go again later in june.

    have a great week!

  2. Hi Morgan/Dana and Helen-
    Nice to check out your blog, I hadn't in awhile. I'm starting to crave running again after reading about your runs.