Tuesday, May 01, 2007

the real mess

Ele and I were talking about the mid-week mess and the weekend cleaning binges required in life... and the "clean home" we present when we have company. In fact, I often LOVE when I have plans for someone to come over because it has me clean everything ALL AT ONCE instead of how it is now - like yesterday at 7:30am I cleaned the toilet (how random is that for a Monday morning). So here's my mid-week mess (note that everywhere I go I leave a trail - where oh where did I inherit *that*???!). Don't get me wrong, I've actually made measured & intentional incremental improvements from days gone by... but sheesh what does it take to just pick up after myself anyway?!


  1. Anonymous7:05 PM

    oh... mid week... mid day.. mid hour.. mess... You were not the only one that inherited that nice little trait...

  2. Holy cow! It's close, but I think you win here. :) I cleaned our kitchen and the downstairs bathroom last night. Maybe tonight I'll clean the guest room that is currently covered in my clothes...