Saturday, June 02, 2007

11 miles, 1:45 and a migraine

This whole training business is SERIOUS man! At least I'm finally beginning to kind of sort of get my rhythm down. I know that on the night before: NO booze, eat pasta WITHOUT cream sauce, hydrate the hell out of my body, and take 1/2 my magic sleeping potion. This morning however I realized at 6am that I had failed to hydrate yesterday, so I downed a nalgene and went back to bed. I drank a little bit again at 8am, then by 8:30 had peed it all out and for the first time ever didn't have to sneak off the path to pee in the trees. I'm also making progress with my body mechanics (last Sunday I woke up after my 10 mile run with my left knee swollen so badly that it looked like my leg was one uni-sausage), my PT Ann found that my tibula (or fibula?) is rotated forward thus causing too my pressure on my ankle joint and probably the source of my knee pain. Suffice to say I feel sufficiently hammered and OLD but am very relieved that I took two full months to ramp up before I officially began training (today it was "official"). So, after my run - which was great, after mile 6 I felt mostly like I could just keep going - except for the last mile - I immediately started icing my knees, so hopefully tomorrow I will have no swelling. Last night this woman said if there's any way that I can swing it I should get one of those GPS athletic watches. I'm totally fascinated by that - it can tell you how fast you are running, how many miles you've run etc.

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