Sunday, June 17, 2007

My life's vision

Kate spent some time with me Friday
doing her wonderkm thing,
having me think of what I love
and what words come to mind
(because I'm not long for the corporate thing)
Working with an amazing view.
Flowing naturally from great conversation, to quiet reflection.
Interacting regularly with the
love of my life.
Easy flow between personal and work.
I have hired
help with cooking, cleaning, bilingual for my kids
An abundance of home time.

I am happy to travel because
I am going to do my work, it is my
My work is always in a beautiful setting.
Just relax, and
be with me. Always.
I go off and lead. It is an intensive.
I am
so well taken care of.
Part of the day is spa treatment.
My support
person is a dear friend that I love to be with.
She is great, an intuitive and a
pleasure to be in partnership.
I can stop and be fully present with
whatever I am doing.
Listening to my kids.
Being fully involved in
my closest loved one’s lives.
They are a priority, and they know it.

The balance is so nurturing and whole.
Designed to my personal
Fully rested. Sexually gratified. Sexed up and down.
husband and I – people meet each other and say
“You’re the match”

You bring out the best in each other.
I am going on luscious
vacation with my girlfriends!
My home is a sanctuary...
into nature, but with a wide open view.
Layers of nature.
I have
become a kick ass skier, snowboarder.
I have this great garden,

spend time there as a meditation.
I am going to parts of the world
that I've always wanted to explore.
I get interviewed, talk about my
Working with very powerful people.
This work is a major life enhancement for them.

"Thank you for turning my life around"
I was supporting them and
loving them.
I feel so safe in the world. Deeply safe. I feel free.

Being sought after. Work one on one with people
who are specifically motivated and hungry.
I see something
wanting to bloom in them.
Ongoing growth conversations with them

where I see them blossoming.
Have a handful of clients, a great
Be in the office, every once in a while.
An office where
you can meet with people, be flexible.
Whatever the person wants or needs.

I am with a man who is successful.
And I can surrender in his
I can support him.
Sourcing a man’s success.
We see each other and we know.
We love tenderly and passionately,
with space and embrace.

It was so interesting doing this exercise- I was very aware that I was being ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS in that I have no idea, no proof, no reason for putting these words and this vision of what I want on paper. In other words - where does this stuff come from?! My intuition, my future, my calling? Totally unsure. It was an amazing exercise to see what flows out almost uncontrollably when someone is the guide and I am relaxed. Kate pointed out that I've reached the "peak" in the corporate world, I've accomplished exactly what I wanted, down to the dollar figure that I always saw in my head as SUCCESS. I did the "hero" exercise about a week ago and sort of laughed at who came out - the first four are all these public entertainers / beautiful famous women, but immediately what I saw in that was women who were committed to the betterment of something in our world, women who took a stand and said "this shall be for you, this grace and goodness and light is yours for the taking". Most inspiring!


  1. consuelo7:45 AM

    Hey girlie!

    Just logging in for the first time after our move to TN and am so impressed w/your training! Saw a few posts back that you were looking into getting a Garmin Forerunner and if you haven't done it yet, is having a huge sale on them! Just ordered myself the 305 a few days ago and noticed the price has dropped even more and they're now at $215.99!

    Happy running!

  2. Anonymous7:13 AM

    this is such exciting work! i am inspired just reading it. can't wait to talk...

    love you,