Wednesday, June 27, 2007

my roots, Santa Barbara

My SB running buddy "Coach D"
We ran 12 miles @ 1:55!
eggs benedict beachside, who can argue that!?

the bottom right pic is the view from where I stayed!
(I had John take my lil bikini posed shot

I'm feeling very fit from my training

but I've never like pictures of me in a bikini

was hoping I'd like this one - NOT)

my sister Subhadra, my beautiful neice & my kooky dad

my nephew (a very rambunctious boy)

ran up to my car when I was leaving and said

"take me with you!"

my sister asked me about three times

- are you sure? you're SURE you want to take him?

I said - I ain't afraid a'him!!

so we had a little sleepover

he's so so sweet with me

John Lawrence @ the Partnership course
doing his morning juicing ritual


  1. Love it! Haven't seen J in years -- I keep thinking I should've arranged everything so I could do partnership. Can't wait to hear hw it went. Good to see ou the other night.

  2. consuelo5:27 PM

    Girl you need to shutup about the 'kini look like I wish I did!!!!!!!!!!!!