Saturday, July 14, 2007

How I'm spending my summer

...besides worshipping my unbelievably beautiful love of my life Willow (honestly I can't imagine having kids - what if they get in the way of me and Willow time!!)...

...I have also discovered the joy of the remote control. Katia introduced me to Tivo (which I don't have but inspired me to get cable). There are so many damn *interesting* shows out there AT ANY TIME. I get a kick out of turning the tv on for 15 minutes in the middle of my workday, hitting the "GUIDE" and just scrolling. I'll watch something for 5 minutes and go - huh. It's fun being passively entertained.

I got new living room furniture & pergot floors (!) which has caused an entirely unanticipated and complete overhaul of my living area. If you're gonna get a new desk you're gonna have to deal with how much SHIT and paper stacks and crap you've shoved into a drawer while pretending it's not there. I shredded enough of my files (why was I keeping the things I kept??) to fill FIVE paper bags. I felt like a ton of weights came off my shoulders after doing that. Oy, and then there's all that damn fine dust that comes with a "construction" project. I wish I had known so I could have covered things before the installation of the floors. I'm still finding that fine layer of dust in the oddest of places. Anyway, shifting this then causes a need to shift that and before you know it you have to empty and then redo your closets to make room for whatever. Lots of trips to Good Will. It's the perfect summer project. That and running. Runnnnning. 15 miles tomorrow. God willing. Anyway here is a picture of me this morning, emptying out my baking cabinet and dropping a bag of flour on the floor because I was trying to take TWO bags down at once. Like yesterday I was carrying TWO bags of soil out to the dumpster and one handle broke from the bag. I looked at it, thought about re-gripping the bag, and kept going down the stairs. Big explosion of soil.


  1. you are so amazing! You push yourself to keep busy and do extrordinary tasks. Thank God for you, I can read about you and your life; this way I can live vicariously through you.
    Sad to say, there hasn't been 3 days gone by that I haven't had the urge to see what you've been up to. 9 months since the day I met you and I am still completely and thoroughly amazed!

  2. When do we get to see the new furniture and pergo floors?????

    And that comment about Willow is just TOOOOO funny. Hah hah haha ha. Girl, you have NO idea the love bomb that gets dropped on you.

    Gotta call you bout your trip out. Are you still coming? I'll try you this afternoon.