Saturday, July 14, 2007

My running plan for Sunday

This is the coolest thing I've ever seen - thank God for Google!

Too freaking hot out! I had to stop two miles short @ the Ranger shack and ask for a ride to my car. I was seriously close to heat stroke - I had noticed for the last 45 minutes I was not sweating. I had plenty of water up until the end and the Cliff "shot blocks" (shown in my mouth with my mangey nutty hair and post-run glow). What I continue to be proud of with myself is that I'm giving myself room to just trust and do what feels right. Today it didn't feel right to "push". I'm now needing to find reliable running partners, even if they only do part of my long runs with me or even ride a bike alongside! It's too much at the ends of my runs to go it alone. Becca and I were talking this morning about how some people who don't train like this don't necessarily have an understanding of the minor details and milestones that come with this level of training... for example, maybe they think that running 13 miles is a snap for me or when I ask my friends to run with me they all say oooooooh no, I run so slow compared to you (they assume I'm a super fast runner). I'm totally not! I'm a 100% certifiable plodder. Plod plod plod along. Really, it's sort of hell for me! I love to run one hour but every second beyond that is really hard mentally. Physically what's hard is that my feet burn, and my front right foot falls asleep (realized today that my knees don't acturally hurt when I'm running, it's just the swelling afterwards that's concerning). Anyway, with Becca moving to down in just a few short weeks *WOO HOO WOO HOO WOO HOO* she and I are going to schedule in hour long runs on Thursday mornings. There's another running buddy who I would like to move to town very badly... as well as one Argentinan babe (who is not a runner but for sure a cheerer-on-er). Come on, you two, you know you want it.


  1. Oh you. And you're right -- I really have no understanding of training like you are. Training to me is when they taught me how to use the cash register and sku gun at Conran's when I got a job in 11th grade. Twenty years ago!!! How cool -- to be able to say twenty years ago.

    Thanks for the great b-day message by the way!

    And you're right -- I do want it. For now though, I'll keep cheering you on from here. Perhaps if I were there I could skip. Can I skip while you run? Skipping is more my style.


  2. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Wow -- 11 miles at 11 min per mile! As good, or better, than the GOG race! Yippee for you!

    Did you know that Elizabeth moved back to Boulder?? I am still in shock...can't wait to talk with her and get the skinny.


  3. consuelo8:44 PM

    LOVE all your running stories and that I get to feel every second of the training roller coaster ride you're on!
    Had to laugh at the "oh noooo, can't run with you...I'm too slow" comment. I only wish running far meant you could run fast :)
    Cheering you on all the way from Tennessee....YEE-HAW!