Sunday, July 22, 2007

the Summer bake-off

As Jen well knows, here it is, the hardest time of year for me . As you can see, yet again, we're pushing the 100's for days and days and days on end. The hardest part of this for me is that at night it doesn't cool down. It stays close to the 80's. I own this mammoth a/c unit that I bought last summer and it's portable but is a little bit of a project to move from the living room to the bedroom, plus the circulation from the living room to the bedroom is almost ziltch so one or the other bakes. The good news is that suddenly my running has turned a corner. My new PT rocks and has taken the swelling out of my knee (she says even 7% swelling in the knee can cause your VMOs to stop "firing" which therefore makes your knee motion completely inefficient. She's also identified a hyper mobility in my pelvis on my left side which causes the surrounding muscles to over-compensate (chronic tightness) in order to hold the pelvis in place. The other aspect of all of this is numbness in my feet after 6 miles - no fun. Anyway, we're making great progress and yesterday my run (12 miles @ 10:37 pace - WOW) showed me that I am further along in my fitness than I thought I was. I tried out a running group yesterday and am not sure that's the one I'll go with but it was significant to run with a group, very cool. I have a MAJOR racket though that in the dead heat of the summer they don't start until 8am - WTF. The owner/Head Coach is a trained professional wrote me this in response to my complaint (WHATEVER - it all makes me unsure if I can commit that much - $275 of my mom's money ;-) - to this timeframe!!):

I understand your desire to start earlier, and we will indeed do so, however this is one of those areas of compromise when it comes to enjoying the company of 100+ other runners in a group setting. Here are a few of the thoughts that go into planning such events: Many drive from up to 45 minutes away, and we want to allow them plenty of time to arrive safely… We recommend eating a hearty carb-filled breakfast at least two hours before long runs (and races), which makes getting up rather early for some… We want to get a good level of heat acclimation during training as most races start at 8 am and are often quite hot… We usually have quite a bit of set up to do first, including aid stations and direction signs…The advertised start time is (and has been for five years) 8 am, and therefore I am sensitive to moving it much earlier mid-season as some have planned their schedules accordingly. Lastly, we do and end-of-season survey each year, and it seems that 8 am is just about the average desired start time for most.

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  1. consuelo10:10 AM

    Great news about the PT and your awesome fitness level! Understand the both sides of group running. Ran with some other ladies last year and alhtough I loved their company and inspiration (they were all better runners than me!) there were times I missed the freedom of hitting the road on my own. Luckily though, they were all about getting up at the crack of dawn, sometimes earlier, to hit the road early.
    $275 also seems a bit high, but I guess it depends on what you're getting out of it. Boy...not helping am I :)
    Whatever you decide to do, just know you rock and I'm still cheering for ya and living vicariously through you until I can get up to those long a** runs.