Tuesday, August 28, 2007

and so it is...

as we descend
into this new season
tonight the full moon
illuminates this shift

I strolled
in flipflops
up the sweet path
so loud the frog chorus!

I feel so free
and stable
yet this gnaw gnaw
for a man

what am I doing wrong?

maybe he's not ready
maybe he's lonely as well
could he be looking for me?
believes someone like me is "possible"?

because I want to believe in him too
I want to pull up my poor unpolished faith
put it into my palm and hold on tight
pushing past hope into knowing

I want to let go
and trust without despair
to believe without proof
and draw him near

what does that solve though?
is it just an external "someday"
someday this will make me happy
someday that will solve everything

more money
that Porsche
this vacation
your affection

can I just be with
all these things
and bear witness
to watch this passing by...

1 comment:

  1. ooooohhh... this is good Sounds like you are really, really ready.

    Maybe time for Calling in The One again?