Friday, August 10, 2007

Letting Go

Sometimes you just need ritual
to let things go
(thanks Dana for being there)

1 comment:

  1. damn you mother fucker
    first I EXPECT
    you to come back around
    and now here we are at day 7 mark
    you, mr. predictable,
    are completely absent
    me... I await with fear
    and hesitation
    waiting to resist
    and ignore
    and now you've thrown me
    now I go back to
    I must have pissed you off?
    what did I say?
    what did I do?
    I know exactly
    it was the teasing
    about ashley & donna
    and how did you pick up on her
    and why do you go out with women
    if there's so much trouble
    and you slutty playboy

    sounds like he's had enough
    but I've fucking had enough too!
    so what the hell am I all bent about????
    I can't wait to shake this shit
    I remember back when
    back when I hurt so bad
    was looking for him
    all over time
    all the time
    call me call me
    thinking of ways to text him
    to engage
    I couldn't let go
    and even though I knew it
    wasn't right
    wasn't right
    I couldn't let go