Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Off she goes to India...

How cute is Luca on his lil bike? What's even cuter is he was riding by me and I said hey Luca let me take your picture and he stopped with this adorable pose!

Jamie's going away party
(she's going off to India for three months,
leading a group of college students through Northern India)

Barron (Seana's new husband) spent 5 years in Italy
so Seana and I were enjoying listening to Becca and Barron
chatter away fluently in Italian!

Best wishes and safe travels Jamie!


  1. Everybody looks sooooo great and happy -- I've been gone for years now and nobody looks a bit older. Amazing. Glad to see you all looking complete and healthy!

  2. consuelo1:41 PM

    What an amazing group of girlfriends you have!

  3. I decided that I really like that picture of Becca and me, it's great for online dating services ;-) yup, I met two guys from craigslist woo hoo!