Sunday, September 02, 2007

16 miles

3 hours four minutes & 20 seconds (10.87 pace)

At least I ran half a mile more than last week... I was shocked at how much easier this run was today. I went very very slow almost the whole time (but apparently at a faster pace than last week) and between 1:15 and 2 hours I felt like I could run forever. The last hour was brutal but I just kept focusing on the spring in my legs. I've also been starting to visualize the race itself, and tell myself that at hour 3 I'm 60% through the race (more than halfway!). I still cannot believe that I'm doing this. Last night I laid awake with the worst nervous stomach yet. It was so annoying. The pisser is, weekend after weekend, setting my alarm (I am *NOT* an alarm-setter) to 5:30, eating my banana, drinking my water, journaling and trying to hit the trail by 6:30am. The rest of my day is a bit of a daze, between water, eating and laying around the day is shot.

What I've been working with is two patterns I've seen:

When the running feels hard, I everything else in my life that seems hard floods my head, and it makes it all even more painful and hard! Today I listened for the first hour to a meditation cd that I love and then EMDR for the second hour (classical music, sounds of a stream, really beautiful). It seemed to alter things. The other thing is even though I'm not a "quitter" per se, I'm most certainly not a "push through-er" either. So I sit in this in between place (like this morning I was like no I'm just going to blow this run off, I'll do it next week or Monday)... but in the end, it looks like I'm gonna do this thing so I must be closer to a push through-er after all.


  1. YAY! I can't imagine doing this. Are you still having fun and getting something out of it or doing it because there's some "have to" now?

    Loooove reading your blog and am curious to know about PEX, too!
    So have the feeling I should've done it this year with you guys.

    Ciao bella!

  2. Totally random thought; If wedding planning still calls you at all we could pair up to do destination weddings! There are so many great places right near here and I could sing and Stefan take the photos and wow wouldn't that be fun!
    Ciao bella.

  3. Well, it's kind of like one of those "goals" we set that we've always aspired to, but will be hard to achieve. I can't even really think of any other goal that would be comparable to this, and everyone that I've talked to that's trained for a marathon agrees that there's just nothing else like it. However, it feels *very* gratifying to be going through what I'm going through; I don't know if I could have even guessed how hard it would be but at the same time it's like I've come this far so the end point is feeling really exciting!

  4. consuelo7:15 PM

    Girl I am so damn proud of you and so jealous at the same time :)! Your descripton of being between push-througher and quitter made me laugh...amazing how similar we are in that respect. I still get those same feelings with each new run I train for, but to be honest with you there's nothing like the first time. Keep pushing and you'll be amazed at what you find at that finish line!

  5. I LOVE making lists & charts & plans.