Sunday, September 30, 2007

And the wedding...

If one thing remains constant in my love of planning and "executing" (for lack of a better word!) weddings, it's the very moment when the wedding party is lined up and I walk back to the end and be with the bride, tell her to take a big breath with me and make sure she is totally present. I always say "this is it! you're about to get married, just enjoy every moment". Everytime she cries, I cry. Now, imagine me crying when I don't even know the person, then amplify that by 10. Elyse's family is my family. Wynn & Douglas welcomed me into their fold back in '99 when I came back to school @ CU Boulder. I'd go up there and do my laundry at their house and she'd feed me like you do for poor college students! She always said, you've got to meet my daughters, you'd love them. I really sort of blew that off, to be honest, like oh that's wonderful but I really love YOU! Then one day, Shira moved to town and she was damn right, I love her daughters!
So, it was a very precious gift and a great honor to be this for them on this special day. The two highlights of the day for me were 1) how totally in love & sweet & affection Elyse and Eric are - honestly they were the most in love couple I've seen yet 2) Elyse's PopPop (who is 89!) danced with her for the Father/Daughter dance and he *busted* out. For the most part he kind of kind of hobbles around (quite well for someone who is almost 90 and been married 64 years) but all of a sudden on that dance floor he was Fred Astaire. The whole crowd came alive and was cheering him on. So perfect, such a perfect intangible moment of joy. WHERE WAS MY CAMERA and video? I think that I just was so caught up in amazement by it.

Elyse's neighbor, who we decided was my alien twin
or long lost sister my mom & dad never told me about...

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  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    I love it! Everyone looks so beautiful and happy. Thanks Helen for bringing these moments to people who are far away. My best regards to the newly wed couple. Marriage is a wonderful thing. Who will be next? Teehee! Missing my girls in Colorado and those who have traveled other places, you know who you are - Love, Kasia