Tuesday, September 11, 2007

a cupcakeful weekend

the Jones twins turned two Saturday ~ I can't believe it already
and it was all about cupcakes and kissing! Sunday morning I hosted a brunch for the Partnership gang
and Monday night hosted Lunessence

at the end of the night Dylan was READY to leave!
she had her purse, her jammies and her backpack on
and was like C'MON mom let's GO!

and then tonight my mom
Yay mom's in town!
took me, Dana & Shiri to dinner...
in just a few days we are off to Mexico!

1 comment:

  1. consuelo6:24 AM

    So happy to see your mom again! Always makes me smile :)

    Sure dinner was yummy, but I have to ask....was mom so bored w/your converstaions that she had to bring a book to read or was she just giving a lesson on the Thresholds of the Mind :)