Saturday, September 29, 2007

Elyse & Eric, Jewish ceremony

The formal ceremony / big shabang wedding is today @ The Botanic Gardens & then Parkside mansion. I am doing their wedding! Was thinking yesterday that it's never really until Rehearsal & Wedding Day that the Bride & Groom and family really get the value. Well, they know it is valuable (in the timeline planning sense) but they become so amazingly grateful on the day of - I always hear things like WHAT WOULD WE HAVE DONE WITHOUT YOU!? It's always nice to hear that but more than that, as Shira noted last night when I asked her if she was bringing a bucket & ice for the champagne as the girls are getting ready, this is literally my machinery. I have no choice but to manage details - they come into my mind as obvious but most often others (well, maybe except my masterful sister Patricia!) have never thought that far ahead.

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