Friday, September 14, 2007

hasta la bye bye

Happy Birthday mom!
I asked Dana to make a custom
pearl necklace for my mom,
who loves pink...
I couldn't wait to show it off ~ she adores it (knew she would).
thanks again DJM

we are off and away for Mexico at 0'dark hundred tomorrow

why is it that I always fool myself to thinking

"I'm almost packed"

when really it's more like

early in the week

I pull out the suitcase

start setting clothes I know I need

(workout clothes, swimsuit etc)

then somewhere along the way

start hapharzardly putting things

to the *side* of the suitcase

or eventually on top of the suitcase

so when it comes to 9:30pm

and I realize criminy

I need to clean for my housesitter

and then suddenly it's 11:30p and I'm blogging.

Very efficient girl here.

Btw Consuelo I cracked up about my mom and her book.

She ALWAYS has a book with her, how did you know??

I want to talk to you when I get back

by phone too! about your first marathon

this morning I had BLOODY toes

that bled on my socks

when I finished my run

I could tell my toenails were cutting into my toes

but OW dude. that hurt!

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