Monday, September 24, 2007

more cool images

This grasshopper was
as long as my entire finger!
It was so beautiful
with its orange highlights...
rows & rows of beach chairs & cabanas
on the beach in Playa del Carmen

I adored this little beachside restaurant at our resort
the pinks & blues & torquoise were so pretty
with long billowing fabric

outside the beachside restaurant
contrary to local's opinion
(that "you just go to main street
and turn left),
we had to wander around the little streets
of Playa del Carmen
and Tulum
before finding the beach
(we knew it was THAT WAY)
the access roads were blocked by thick jungle
until you hit the tourist spot and bam

the beach at Tulum

tell me what is better than
a cold beer
with lime
on a hot day
with this view?

Police check-point
as far as I could tell,
all they did was hang around
(with their machine guns)
and their big-ass bumps in the road

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