Saturday, November 10, 2007

Site Closure party

So the time came when our Boulder site is finally closing down. We bought a full year to live in our funky little fishtank (listerally!). Our company's real estate strategy is to move all employees to owned real estate. We are super bummed because these people are just seriously COOL that work in this office (about 100 of us). So we had a good time. It's just bittersweet. About 1/2 are moving to Littleton, 1/2 to Fort Collins. The rest of us stragglers are moving to home office - me included. That's going to be a hard adjustment for me doing that full-time. I'll have to manage getting out of the house at lunch and / or after my workday. I'm looking at a potential move to a new job in my organization that is really a RIGHT TURN in my career path. Suffice to say I'm highly motivated by it because it represents a totally new career but lots of bang for the buck. Stay tuned...
These are the site managers that are some of my favorite client group.

I lost the tricycle race. I was annoyed!

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