Friday, November 23, 2007

a reminder of what's good in life

Once again, my favorite holiday arrives! I enjoyed my third (I think) year up at Wynn & Douglas' house. It was a quiet year with just the family (I'm just one of their girls!), very fabulous. We determined that I've known the family for almost ten years. And even though they're not "my" grandparents, I just adore Bube and PopPop. It's kind of sad for me to have watched them age through that time. They are just wonderful and sweet and really quite funny! Last night we were driving down the mountain and Shira asked if Bube's seat warmer was hot enough, and she ended up telling this story about accidentally turning her seat heater on in Florida on a hot day and said "oh my gawd my can got so hot!". Cute cute cute!

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