Monday, December 24, 2007

Boulder (Winter's Brew) Hippy Juice

If you're feeling under the weather, cold or just need a little immune boost, I learned this from Amelia (who has training in Chinese medicine and always gives me the best tips!). Saute onions in ghee until transluscent, then add fresh jalepeno, garlic & ginger (only cook g&g for just short of a minute). Add chicken brother and bring to low boil, then toss in chopped kale on top. Cover and let it steam just a few minutes. Toss into blender, then strain off the "solids". Add juice of one whole lemon and drink while hot. Even though it looks weird, don't be deceived. It's DELICIOUS and super super good for you. It will definitely increase the heat in your body so make sure you wrap up and stay warm (sweating is good but don't get cold!

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  1. OK, I bite--what is ghee???? Never heard of it....