Monday, December 17, 2007

A dandy (if not packed full) weekend

Boulder Peeps Partnership "Rowdy Gathering" (also could be called "we could be doing our homework but we would rather sit around being loud and obnoxiously funny!" Check me out in the mirror with my apron - I was trying to get the fire in the shot. It's been *really* cold with snow on the ground for about two weeks. Luckily we get a lot of sunshine in between shots of snow. So during our dinner we lit the fire, even though I had reservations because towards the end of the fire sometimes a bit of smoke can start to backdraft into place. All night I kept watching it and making them open the screen door so it would bring the cold air in and make the fire suck up the chute. At some point I looked over and it seemed like suddenly the smoke was seriously pouring into the room. Immediately I asked everyone - um, that's like a lot of smoke right? Everyone was kind of just sitting around and weren't very concerned, and in a snap, like within like 30 seconds it was just billowing into the room. The flue had fallen shut and we set off the fire alarm in my place and in the hall. Disaster averted.

Patricia and Moose came over Saturday and we picked out a tree and went to see the Golden Compass (very good, I thought, and I'm not really one for those science fantasy type movies).

Laura's going away party @ the Rio (they're moving to Phoenix - sad! and HOT! do they understand? how really F*ing hot).
Classic. Dana ordered a 'small' margarita. It was her size (ha ha). We had no idea that a small was so mini.

And then brunch with the girls @ Duo in Denver. I love this picture. LOOK at Patricia with her mimosa. Yes it had champagne in it too. She was *wasted*. Could hardly walk.

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