Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Merry!

As you can see I've had a wonderful sweet few days... with Katia, Pete & Luci and then good times with Matt who drove in from Orange County. These are the special times. I was walking around Whole Foods today and just kept getting the lump in my throat & teary eyed, watching people preparing to spend the holiday with those they love. My special prayer tonight is that the parents and children of single parent families, may they feel a sense of gratitude and abundance with the whole gift giving exercise... specifically that any guilt or wishing or hoping for "more" or that it's "not enough" disappears and is replaced with knowing that they have love and they are together and they have each other. That is what I feel when I look back at the Christmases we had as kids, and even now. I'm so glad that Matt is here and next year Mom will be too! We will miss you mom but of course you'll be here in spirit with the silly stocking stuffers and traditional 'must eat a healthy breakfast before gifts are open!' rule. Love you all... oh and p.s. I'm beyond in love with Lucia. I could follow her around for hours watching her sign the most amazing large vocabulary. She'll sign and look and me like she wants me to say it. It's awesome how fast she learns. She watches you when you show her a new sign and then replicates it almost exactly. Smart girl!

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