Saturday, December 08, 2007

A new work adventure!

Wowser. I had agreed to be the lead HR Generalist to provide six weeks of onsite support to a company that we had acquired. I think I've mentioned this already but right now my life or emotions or home feel discombobulated so I can't know. I think this might be the longest time I haven't blogged. I was gone every week in November except Thanksgiving. That is downright exhausting. On top of that, last week I flew from San Jose to LA to take the 4th weekend of the Partnership course, arriving home Sunday night at midnight. So all week my home has been in a pretty bad state of disarray - my suitcase half unpacked, my laundry half put away, and all the items from my old desk in the middle of my living room (the office closed while I was gone so I had to just grab it and run before I left).
Anyway, it snowed all day yesterday, but was kind of wet so it hasn't left much on the ground. I'm really feeling the dive into the winter and I'm loving it. In the past Winter has been my 3rd favorite season (Fall 1st, Spring 2nd, Winter than Summer). I feel very different these days, though, as I melt into what the Partnership course is really about. I am in a different zone, having new experiences like wanting to sharing about Landmark Education again - something I haven't been remotely interested in for about 5 years. It's just coming up for me like these courses are amazing, wonder if this person would like them, etc.
It's been TEN YEARS since I just did the Landmark Forum and wow - my life is unrecognizable from the predictable future I had at age 25. Seriously. I don't know if that is able to convey what I mean from the perspective of not having taken these types of courses. These courses are about having a non-linear life. I'll give you an example. What was predictable with this HR Generalist job was that I would continue to moan and bitch for months, years, about how miserable and bored and underpaid I was. And I would question this career path endless, and start to build the life "outside of work" to match my true passion, my "life's work". I would hold my life's work as semi-unattainable, being something that someday SOMEDAY (!) on a wing, prayer and miracle, would happen. And I would sink and sink and sink @ work, feeling completely trapped and suffocating, yet not knowing how to make a move.
Landmark Education is about "transformation", not about fixing and changing your life. In the Partnership course the other day we made a list of what we are trying to fix vs. what we are up to transforming. The difference between these two is that transformation is a "state", an experience that infuses your life with a sense of openness and possibility that is totally distinct from the world that we feel when we are trying to fix and change something that is not working. So you start with what's not working then look at what's missing then move into this magical world of having a breakthrough when you see what it would be like if you had something unrecognizable appear in the whole "field" of your life about that issue.
So with my job, I saw the predictable future and have been truly stuck in the fix/change mode. The transformation really happened rather suddenly but was facilitated by the Partnership course assignments of trying something new each week, and exploring those new things as if you don't know anything at ALL about them. So, the opportunity to move into sales has been consideration for a few years, actually. The two driving factors were a) my gregarious and *pushy* personality and b) the money honey! So, as I began to explore with others in the client group I support, I really had an experience of 'not knowing'. I interviewed successful sales reps and really listened to what they said about what the job was and what made someone really good at it. More and more I found a match. So, I put my hat in the ring and said hey, interview me! Consider me. We're expanding this organization in FY08 from 175 employees to 450 (an unprecedented explotion of the workforce size). As I prepared for the interview, I felt a ridiculous sense of power and confidence unlike anything I have ever had. I didn't question it, I just went with it. I had three different interviews and the in the one that clinched the deal I found myself just naturally flowing into taking experiences in my career and folding them into "if you map these successes into the new role, you will be guaranteed that I will be one of the best in your business". It's a highly technical set of software solutions (something like over 50 products we offer) so I really didn't fully understand anything except at high level but wasn't worried too much about that. After that interview, and when the manager called to OFFER ME THE JOB!!! he said that so much of sales is really not having the techical knowledge - thought obviously you need that piece - but it's your intelligence, capacity to listen and being able to think on your feet. He was really excited to offer me the job and said he just knows I will achieve great things. How totally cool is that? What I want to express however is how much of the whole experience for me was absent from concerns of the past, worries or that state of desperation - like GET ME OUT OF HR!! The 'field' I was living into was fueled by the possibility of exploring and adventuring, listening and hearing what this opportunity could open up in my life. It was incredible. And, I got a $20k raise. I just *had* to write the raise - I mean is that ridiculous?? That's the world of transformation because it always leads to breakthrough, non-linear unpredictable results. So congratulations to me! Of course, that's a 60% base with 40% variable compensation commiserate to my sales results, so in actually my overall base paycheck every month goes down by $1000 but in the end I'm confident I'm going to strike it rich! And, the cool thing. The offer he gave me is exactly, to the dollar, of what I started to say mid-year. It was obviously a stretch because it was a $20k bump, but baby, if you create it and say it like anything's possible, it is. Trust me on that one, because I've witnessed it for ten years in my (and other's) life. So what do you want in life? Go for it!


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    wow... i am definitely inspired. rock on!! great post, hel..


  2. Thanks for sharing and thus infusing me with a renewed perspective on transforming my life.

    I definitely regard you as one of those folks for whom Landmark "worked"...and I know that the truth is that YOU CHOOSE to work it and that choice is always open to me as well. What stops me?

    Lately I've been inspired to take on Being Unstoppable. I have a couple of major balls in the air right now that will significantly alter the course of my life and I do so much sitting here and stressing about it. I have to remember that even if things don't go the way I think they should, there are still infinite possibilities for a joyful, juicy, abundant future. More important: a joyful juicy abundant RIGHT NOW.

    You continue to inspire me - thank you!!! And thanks for your beautiful comments.

    Wish we could sit somewhere on comfy couches with hot beverages and talk for hours!