Saturday, January 12, 2008

Adventures in Snowboarding


A machine that chops up soft stems and leaves so that they can be used as mulch or added to the compost pile. See also chipper.

Last year when I decided to explore being athletic, I knew that included some kind of snow sport, meaning I didn't know if I should commit to skiing or snowboarding. By my fourth time out I knew it was going to be boarding. And, if you're a badass boarder, you're then a "shredder" (see above). So that's part of one of my new goals this year (which I have yet to post, but they're very cool) - to become a badass shredder snowboarding chick.

I used to get upset that I didn't know how to ski - my first time was when I was 18, and no one told me that you needed sunscreen! I ended up with the worst sunburn - blisters and all - on my face. Ick. But then again, what a damn expensive sport, with the equipment and the lift tickets. In other words, a sport for the "privileged".

Given the expense, I knew that if I was going to commit to becoming this hard core athlete this year, I should just buy everything. So I bought a ski pass to Eldora because it's only 30 minutes from Boulder, the proximity will help me go more often. Then for Christmas Santa Kate gave me enough money to finally buy my board & bindings. And now I have a new girlfriend. Her name is Luna and she has rhinestones, hearts, swirls and stars. I'm totally and completely madly enamored with my new board/bindings/boot combo. Beautiful, pretty, sassy! Raar. And wouldn't you know, now I'm like - my pants & jacket don't match. What a brat.

Today my Luna and I went up for our first run at Eldora. It was fantastic. My friend who came with is a fourteen year boarding veteran and we figured out what worked best for me was having him ride right behind me and say out loud each thing to do. It's easy to know how to do one thing at a time, but knowing the right timing of doing each thing, let alone doing them ALL at the right time. Tough.

For example, I'll be racing along keeping my board pointed downill and hopping from edge to edge but will forget to keep my knees soft and all of a sudden I'm a wooden peg with no joints and BAM she's down. Or, I'll be relaxed and keeping my body upright (instead of sitting too far back out of fear) and then suddenly forget to get off my edge because surprise I'm not on it anyway (I'm flat) and BAM she's down. Of course, the very last run of the day was the best run I've ever had (because I had speed and was carving turns and NOT FALLNIG) except when all of a sudden I took a really bad hard fall. I am always glad at least once anytime I'm out that I have a helmet on. Today my head cracked down so hard. OW. I am having these very bad spasms in my upper right back (icing now as I write).
Can you tell I'm in love with Mark's dog Axel (an Airedale)...

Anyway. I have some lovely pictures of my Luna but I'm not moving from my spot and will have to put them in later. I notice that when I have pictures I don't write anything more in my blog post. So there you go, all my commentary about the whole deal and becoming a shredder. See also Chipper. I love that. So is that your friend in the woodchipper?


  1. consuelo1:40 PM

    Love your Luna! She's beautiful :)

    Funny how becoming athletic leads to all kinds of new fun challenges! Who would have thought that when I started running 5 years ago I'd have 3 marathons under my belt by now and a total love for all things related to wellness and fitness!

    So where does that lead me????????

    Start my first graduate level Physiological Basis of Human Performance class on Tuesday. OMG, I'm completely freaking out! But it's just a class and will help me determine what I want to do with the rest of my life. At least that's what I keep telling myself :)

  2. jenita10:39 AM

    I was always afraid of the last run of the day because that's when I usually fell the hardest. So, I'd trick myself into making the run before the last run my last run. Just, shhh, you can't tell yourself that the 2nd to last run is really the last run or it doesn't work.

    Have fun in the snow!


  3. That reference was not lost on me, girlfriend! Fargo is one of my favorite movies! Sick bastard that I am, I own it and have watched it over and over.

    oh, and woo HOO! go on with your shreddin' self...