Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blog Privacy

Hi there,
For reasons I can say yet, I am possibly going to "lock" my blog only to approved users. If you want to be considered for that access, please send me an email to graceopenheart@gmail.com.

Also, those of you that are my close friends I'll automatically give access so don't wory about emailing me: Lunessence, Katia, Mia, XT, Jamie, Matt/Morgan, Annie Rose, my family - includes you Josh & Consuelo & Aunt Nini, Teri, Ele, Rebecca, Jen, Tom, Rachel.

The rest of you need to tell me who you are and because of the nature of why I might be locking this, I need to know who you are too if I don't know you. Thanks!


  1. Everything ok miss helen? I understand this completely, and was so honored to be on your "safe list". Even though I don't comment I am here a lot checkin in on you and sending you big big love! ps lovin the new hairs...you look gorgeous!

  2. Hope everything is ok. It sucks that you have to lock your awesome blog, but I'm happy to be on your list (: How was Cali?

  3. I was about to send you a note saying, Me please!" but I see you've got it covered - am flattered too! :) Hope everything's alright! I certainly understand, and am occasionally tempted to make mine password protected as well...


  4. Oh Yay to be included!