Friday, January 04, 2008

new year new hair new job !

Oh my gosh. So I was off work from December 19th until January 2nd (minus working on NYE). Time flew. Closets were torn open, as I seem to enjoy doing on my holiday, and I even had a professional organizer come over to help! Last year's main goal was "clean and clear" which was all about my home. I wanted an upgrade, a facelift. But mainly I wanted to find a way to keep my home clean and feel uncluttered. Teri pointed out that about 3/4 "reasons" that people have clutter or disorganization in their life are psychological. As I found out this year, my insides are reflected on my outsides. I'm more prone to just throw my lunchbag, my computer bag, my mail, my shopping bags, my dirty clothes, my whatever, on the floor or basically where they DON'T BELONG if I had a crappy day or am feeling bad about myself. I've said for a long time that I honest to God a) don't know how people with kids do it and b) I better "cure" this habit before I have more than just myself to take care of!

So after working all year on this whole why can't I keep my
home clean and organized... I came across this stunning insight:

If something has a home, it can be put away. If something doesn't have a home, where's it supposed to go? EVERYTHING NEEDS A HOME!

Therefore, when I look at the crap that I leave on the floor and I look around my meager (chosen) 624sq ft home, I realize that I have very little space. VERY LITTLE. Even my feng shui lady went there - she tried to do a whole "do you think you chose to live in this small place because you aren't giving yourself 'enough'" or something like that. You know what? Most of the world lives on so little - my goal is to whittle DOWN to less than I have now and have that be enough. ENOUGH already! Anyway. The rant. So, it has felt like all year all I have been doing is taking loads and loads out of my place, after every weekend.
But the result is pretty much that I have had unfinished organizing projects somewhere in some corner all year long. And I have just about had it with that! And even though I had all that time off over the break, I'm just sick that I'm not finish. Granted, my whole little pink bikini wax toxic waste spill really took the wind out of my sails. That was just murder. I had to heat it up with a hairdryer and wipe chunks off quickly (only inches at a time. Inevitably I'd get wax on parts of my hand and then on parts of the hairdryer. Then, after I would scrape the top layer of the wax off, it was still leaving this unbelievably sticky gooey layer. In the end I had to go to extreme measures by putting Goo Gone on there. Just writing about it makes me so mad!

Anyway I started writing this post to share about my new job that started this week, but the two hour+ daily commute has me quite wiped. The good news is I'm totally loving the job. I think it's a great change for me. But either way I hack it, that commute sucks balls. P.S. I'm trying to cut down my use of my favorite F word by saying (like Patricia) F*ing. I love that. My commute f*ing sucks balls. What does that mean anyway? That's just obnoxious. But I like it. It's descriptive.

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  1. consuelo3:53 PM

    Oh Helen, you crack me up! Mostly because you seem to say a lot of the things I am thinking :)

    Looks like clutter and disorganization in our homes is another thing we have in common. Guess that must come from my dad's side of the family! Every time we move I swear that I will have a proper home for everything, but I'm still waiting for that to happen. Sometimes it's just so much easier to hide it behind a closet door and pretend it doesn't really exist.