Saturday, February 23, 2008

Coincidence or Synchronicity?

I don't think I've mentioned this before...
but in November 2006, just as I was starting to date
I met this guy at M's clinic and did the whole
stay after my treatment so I could "bump" into him in the hallway
we had an electric connection so I said hey let's go to coffee
do you have a card?
I knew right away by the look on his face,
I just knew, he was in a relationship
~ and felt stupid! shy! embarrassed!
thinking I had misinterpreted the chemistry

His name was Brett

I waited a few weeks & finally emailed casually
mentioning no such coffee
and he immediately replied that he had to "clean up"
that he had a girlfriend & they'd been having trouble
but that was no excuse for him to indulge in flirting with me

by his integrity!
Anyway, I had glued his business card into my journal,
as I was inspired - wow, this is the kind of guy I deserve
(versus the emotional constipation of the aforementioned)

Fast forward a year +
and I'm moving my emails to my new laptop (for my new job)
Guess I had saved his email,
having been so inspired,
and shot him a line January 5th.
He and his GF (after 8 months in counseling)
had called it quits and ten days later, our first date.
Five weeks later, we've closed the romance
(in favor of friendship because the kids thing)
but I've been struck by a lightening bolt,
remembering my beauty
and recovering from the last year & a half

So, rest in peace, my sweet Brett,
you know I adore you
(but will never it read here)
and thank you for everything,
and now... on to friendship, cooking together
& you killing me with your "core" workouts
(after the first I could hardly walk for five days!)


  1. Oh this is so great to finally get to know and read more, to be in your world a little bit! Am so looking forward to more!

    Rebecca from Boulder to Switzerland sitting in London this Monday night

  2. Thanks again for the invite, now I just have to find the time to catch up!