Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On privacy, after all

Well, actually, it doesn't seem that my "private writing" is much different after all. I got really annoyed the other day (before I locked this blog) when an acquaintance who reads my blog summarized my Brett situation (RATHER inaccurately after reading my blog posts about him) to a good friend a mine. I find it a) fascinating how people talk about other's lives - what is with that? when people ask me about friends I'm close with, I tend to summarize - if they want details why don't they ask the person in question? b) the way that others listen. Do you know what I'm saying? I say I'm feeling X about this situation because of Y reasons and someone comes away from it saying Helen likes oranges but hates peaches. And the person they say this to says but I thought Helen hates fruit on her food??? I guess this all is the "consequence" to the combination of me being an open book + this public writing forum, but for now I see that this is still my place and my space and I don't have to explain nuthin' to no one!
Brett's wild adventurous life has completely inspired me. In the spirit of my 35th birthday wish #1, I'm excited to try some new things this spring and summer. I have known about this Wilderness Institute for women (only in Boulder) and wanted to take their courses for a long time. Instead of doing the whole five day adventure stuff, instead I'm going to take a mountain bike clinic and a rock climbing clinic. How fun is that!?


  1. Oh sweets, you write and write and write... this is your space and people will talk no matter where or when or what have you. They will continue to seek from outside themselves and in the end it has nothing to do with you... sorry you got caught in the cross fire with your intimates... xoxo

    ps i am with you,i am inspired by your writing here and thinking of how to make my blog more private. how do you do this? any advice? sending you love...

  2. Hiya! People only talk about you because you are so damned fabulous!

    I so wish we could talk more... it's kinda like we are living in parallel, well, maybe a little?

    I would like to know more about your new job -- I have this new work and I am going all over the world and they pay me quite a lot (funny I just had the thought -- comments aren't private, can't write the number) per week so I am only working limted # of weeks per year, by choice. Anyway, my head has been all wacky about what a big jump this job is for me. Do you have that?

    I decided just now that instead of telling you all the disempowering things I think I will create affirmations like, "This job has been out there waiting for me all along!" and "This is the life I was meant to live." etc. It is, too.

    Have a week of work in Cape Town South Africa in a few weeks (immediately after we get married on our ski trip to the Dolomites! I just like "saying" all these things out loud...) so I booked myself a few extra days in Cape Town and, inspired in part by your PEX assignment of something new every week and your spirit of adventure, I am going to do things I've been wanting to do for years like: go sea kayaking (around the bottom of Africa -- how cool is that?!) and make a demo tape in a recording studio with a jazz pianist there. I am reminded of the old Tracy CHapman song, "If not now, when?"

    Sometimes I think, "What have we been waiting for to live our lives?"

    Have fun on your adventures and with your man. It doesn't matter what anybody else says or thinks!

    Baci, bella!

  3. just wanted to say for the record, I'm REALLY loving the private blog thing, I feel much more free...