Friday, February 08, 2008

some recovery

After completing shoving him away, he came after me like hello, where did you go? It's my way, I can be open open open and then once I slam shut it may take a crowbar to pry me back out. We had a sweet conversation and we have an incredible incredible connection. We each have some thinking to do given that "our future" does not exist because we have different wants about children.

It's funny, now that my blog is private, I feel more free to post pictures and write more of what I'm really feeling. If I ever open this back up again, hmm. Don't know if I will because it will be impossible to "go back" and hold myself quiet. I regularly had 30+ visitors daily to my site and I have no idea who 2/3 of those were. Part of me felt kind of bad because there's blogs that I anonymously read and would be upset if they were just shut off. With blogspot there's not a way for them to now contact me, but I feel like I gave folks a chance. Plus, everyone who has access here is really people who are my friends, not any randoms. Voila. Have a wonderful weekend~

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  1. VERY handsome! You look happy!
    Have fun!