Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter... and some gratitude

The other day I was coming out of my bathroom and noticed the sweet view out of my bedroom window. It's one of those things I pass every day and don't always realize how gorgeous the blue mountains and green spruce trees are. I feel so lucky to have the view that I do here. The "view" is probably one of my most favorite elements of any home. A must have, if you ask me!
Mark and I hit snowboarding day #6 (!!!) up at Beaver Creek yesterday (omg Colorado skiing though - leave at 6am to beat traffic and either leave by 2pm or 8pm - seriously the worst rush hour traffic you'll ever see). Wow, what a stellar perfect Colorado bluebird day though. Mark was the first one out with me this season and he is an awesome teacher, one of the most patient people I've ever met with stuff like that. All day he was super encouraging and kept saying how much I've improved. It's funny how things can change throughout the course of a day... we were out on the first lift of the day and by 10:30a I had the worst fall of my life. I took my helmet off and just bawled. He was far down the hill from me looking up thinking I had broken something, I laid there so long. We ended up taking a liiiiiiiittle break on the benches for a long while, and then were back out. By 1:30 we figured out the trick to turn the key... instead of so much focus on bending my knees and keeping my chest upright and getting off my edge... we got back to the basics of "stay in my feet". Basically this just meant feeling my feet. I don't know if that makes sense or not but suddenly every clicked and I literally just slushed and carved down the mountain. I had the best long run of my life and when we stopped I was like - on that note let's go home! I was SO high and that just made my season to have a run like that. I really needed that - to feel like I was finally going to make a turn (literally!) for the better! Let me just say again - wow learning to snowboard is a BITCH.
Happy Easter! What a wonderful fresh way to celebrate spring...
I'm loving this holiday more & more every year.
My favorite Easter so far though was when
we got Dylan & Luca together,
so colorful and radiant!
(This was "Mr. Clean" juice - good way to start spring with carrot juice, garlic, ginger, cayenne and onions - Patricia said BLEH and squinched her face!)


  1. consuleo12:11 PM

    Congratulations on such an awesome snowboard run! Makes me want to move to Colorado...of course so do a million other things :)

    Easter brunch sounds yummy but have to agree w/Patricia's opinion on your Mr. Clean drink!

  2. Yeah, I was all for trying the Mr. Clean cuz it sounded good, but......yuck! ;-)

  3. Yay! Sounds like there is completion on so many levels!

    Hey -- have I mentioned we got married? I'm not sure if I did. Whoops. We also forgot to tell most everybody we were going to... and make plans, for that matter. :-) You can see pics (and an explanation) on my blog.

    Am planning a trip to Boulder first week of June. Hope we can catch up more then!

  4. You do have one of the best views from the back of your house. Wish I could wake up to a view like that.