Monday, March 03, 2008

Spring giving a shout out

I've been thinking about doing the community garden again
right now I get this bimonthly delivery
just having my hands on vegetables
makes me long for those little spring sprouts!
I planted some wheat berries two weeks ago and look!
Here they are (I planted them for Willow to chow on)

and here are my little pots waiting and ready
Saturday was a perfectly hot spring-like day with a high of 74
Then Sunday we woke to four inches

Gotta love Colorado! the thing about doing the community garden plot...
I can't stop wrestling with it
I'm totally torn
on the one hand (pros)
oh, having my hands in the dirt
starting from nothing but dirt, actually
weeding away into the twilight
the scents, a soft feeling in the air
the pleasure of seeing the buds poke up out of the soil
with their bright green
and then they bolt upright into fantastic edibles
the orangey purple blue skies
hours slipping by
one weed after another
(It's natural meditation for me)

And you want to know the con??
that I have to get there every day to water
It's just over a mile from my house
but in the heat of the summer,
you have to go or everything dies
it's just a big commitment
and then, when I'm out of town!
I have to get a cat sitter
and a garden waterer!!

1 comment:

  1. consuelo1:06 PM

    Warning: Good Idea Fairy flying into town.....

    Can you get together w/another gardner and maybe see if you can't take turns watering each other's plots once in a while. Maybe set up some kind of schedule so you don't have to go every day....