Wednesday, April 16, 2008

spring in Colorado


~ 80 and sunny


~ 40 and wet, heavy snow

Welcome to springtime in Colorado

Speaking of Spring... a DVD from Netflix has been stuck in my cheap Target dvd player for two weeks now. I finally unplugged it and was going to just jam the drive out with a knife, when I noticed a screw. Oh, how novel, let me unscrew this one, then that one, oh, wait, it lifts off! I even unscrewed the little laser cover that was on the top of the dvd itself. And I realized that the damn Netflix dvd was what was cracked - not the player, so instead of killing the dvd I saved $40!

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  1. On those hot days, Luca asks if it is now summer. I like to tell Luca that spring is a little bit of summer and a little bit of winter. Probably only true in Colorado!

    quite a shock after the Phoenix weather...did you know that we bumped into Patricia at the airport??