Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day weekend

My best friend since high school (Kathleen) came to visit me in Colorado, sans her adorable 2 year old Sammy. When she arrived I was so terribly giddy I almost felt like I was going on a date with someone I was so excited! I told her right away that she could feel free to tell me Sam stories all weekend long (and we did get a few in, but I always want more).

It was so great to have her here, almost surreal to wake up to her reading on my couch with Willow standing by (he was kind of obsessed with her, btw).
We hiked up Sanitas - more like charged up! I was worried about KK's altitude adjustment but she was step by step right with me. Very impressive.

I used to do this hike with Katia too, talk about hard core - she could get up and down in 45 minutes. I think it took KK and I ~ two hours. It is a seriously difficult hike, it is so steep that it almost feels like you're on an elliptical the whole time.
We started at the very bottom / ground level and here we were only about 2/3 the way up!
We took this picture and posted it on my new online dating profile! For the record, I sincerely hate online dating but I need to do something different. I'm going with eharmony.
At the top!
Brunch Sunday with Becca & Dana...
As usual, Becca impressed with her two layer fruit smoothie!
I tried my hand at quiche and was very happy with it.It was really fun to have KK meet my friends!

We took this picture at the Boulder Creek festival, it was fun to stay in town and actually do the whole Memorial Day weekend thing... we even ran the Bolder Boulder on Monday!

This is the night before the race when we dropped my car off near the finish line. I pretty much never take the bus in Boulder, which is ridiculous because it's so easy. She about cried when I went to take a picture on the bus but I had to because that's what I do!


  1. Anonymous6:09 PM

    yeah! great pictures-- especially of the hike and the food. I need to get some food photo lessons from you. How did the BB go? Bill was pretty happy with the weather.
    thanks for sharing Kathleen - it was super to meet her.


  2. I wanna come visit you, hike the mountains and get a good run in. Hmmmm...maybe a little October birthday celebration in CO next fall. Look at me making plans for us. Now I just need to get my husband on board with the idea...