Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spring sprung

I was really proud of my bulbs that I grew this spring, even though I didn't plant them until February duh! Next year I'll be more proactive. I love how Willow finds a nest wherever he pleases. Luckily that was the wheat berry grass that I grew for him to eat!
Rattlesnake "crab"cake! How gross is that? My team went to the Fort last week - a well known "game meats" restaurant, as in buffalo, elk, quail and many other brown things that were grossing me out on my boss's plate!
Duck quesadillas - okay, I loved these!
Delicious desserts, as usual I never say no!
I was showing a new friend my blog this weekend and she immediately said, "oh! is this a food blog?". How funny is that. Yes, 1/4 food, 1/2 self-musings and 1/4 Helen happenings.

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