Tuesday, May 06, 2008

YOU have a Millionaire Mind!

Jamie, Dana and I attended this life changing course this weekend: Millionaire Mind Intensive
WOW! I have heard about it for two + years from Landmark grads. Suffice to say it was equally, if not more, powerful than the Forum for me. This is saying a LOT! What I love is they have the philosophy that Thoughts -> Feelings -> Actions = RESULTS. So first we worked on my thoughts:
I don't have enough money
I don't deserve to be wealthy
(because I don't work hard enough)
I am not good enough (yet) to earn a ton of money
(because I'm not at the "peak" of my career)
Rich people are wasteful, white, arrogant, elitist, ignorant bigots!
(so why would I want to be one of THEM??)

I loved the exercises they did to really transform those thoughts (working through the emotional impact of those. I was so proud of myself because I had heard they sold their other courses all throughout the weekend and I promised that I would not buy them (very unusual for me because 'self-growth' is the thing I'm most passionate about, plus I'm a spender and I take risks - so I typically just go for it even if I don't have the money - but my credit card always does!).

Speaking of credit card... I've had so much despair about my always always large balance. No matter how I pay it off, I always carry a balance of $10k. I am usually moving that around so I don't have any more than a 0-5% interest, but I'll pay it almost all the way and then it creeps up again. Um, purchases like those six pair of shoes (which by the way I took 4 pairs back) are major contributors. I saw that "I never have money" only perpetuates those purchases - since I never will have it, might as well buy now since it's hopeless! Also, my income has TRIPLED in the past three years and I now project to make well over six figures this year - and what to show for it??

Well, this whole weekend gave me a transformational new perspective on all of it. They have you focus on managing your money and separating your money for different purposes. Of course I had a belief that this isn't the time for me (yet) to be able to do this. But then they proposed that the habit is more important than the amount and showed a video of a woman about to file bankruptcy that started to put $1/month into the jars. She would have ten CENTS a month to spend on her play - which she realized she could buy bubble gum! Within a year she was able to put $10,000 into her financial freedom account by using the principles and beginning to follow miracles and opportunities that were crossed her path.

I left the course feeling more empowered about my value and worth in the world than I've ever been. I feel a totally different purpose for my money now. I'm going to put 25 cents into each jar every day for the next 90 days. I split my credit card debt into categories and realized that a big chunk of it is right on track for what my annual expense in '08 would be for a couple of different jars. I'm going to each paycheck and target large chunks of that income to pay off those balances before the special interest rate deals flip to the high %. I'm totally excited about this plan and feel like such a burden has been lifted off my back - including the shame and punishment feelings I've hounded myself with for so long!

The next miracle happened when I turned around the "I don't deserve to be wealthy". This was around having to work HARD to earn my money. Instead it flipped to I powerfully receive wealth! Low and behold, they offered a sweet deal during the weekend for the Never Work Again offering three free guest passes to the person who bought the course. Dana bought it and she, Jamie and I are going to the course next weekend in LA. All I had to do was to receive the gift. I didn't have to do anything to earn it, I just had to receive it. Thank you Dana and Jamie for playing this weekend!

*p.s. they are ending the FREE three day intensives (the cost will go up to $1295). For those of you in SF, there is one more the weekend of May 30th. It is three days and the hours are from 9am-11pm.


  1. OMG! You were just asking the name of the book the other day! Funny! Glad it worked out so well!

  2. Also -- how did you define the categories for the jars?