Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Prepare for Miracles

I'm having so much fun shifting little things and creating symbols in my life to visualize and focus on manifesting this man... on my phone, two chairs on the beach (my favorite!), my June calendar with a collage of water crystals, fertile seeds and of course Mary, all of my nail polish colors to play with which one I'll be wearing when I meet him!, a card I bought last night for our one month "anniversary".

P.S. purple update - seriously I have seen TEN PURPLE CARS since Sunday. That's just out of control. Purple isn't like a standard color offered, right? My head is just spinning. This morning I mentioned it to someone and she was like, oh how cool and held up her purple pen. Then we both realized she was wearing a purple skirt and I was holding a purple water glass. Every day I feel literally like I'm being flicked on my forehead by God "wake up darling, do you need more proof?!".

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