Monday, June 09, 2008


In June, I'm creating that this is the month for my man to come home to me... lots of things I'm doing with visualizing, physical actions, praying etc. So far it has been intensely powerful! One thing I did Saturday was put it out there to show me a sign, for me to be encouraged and see the miracle is about to happen. Randomly I asked to show me purple, to catch me off guard with powerful signs of purple (I wrote this wish late at night as I was half falling asleep)!
The first thing that happened is I woke up Sunday morning and remembered this wish. I opened the journal and saw that I WROTE IN MY JOURNAL WITH A PURPLE PEN! I had no idea I was writing in a purple pen that night because it was almost dark in my room plus I wasn't very awake.
Here's the list of other synchronicities:
  1. THREE purple shirts
  2. Two purple Crocs (maybe not that uncommon in crunchy Boulder - but purple? what are the odds that I would glance down at someone's Crocs - they're certainly not my favorite kind of shoes!)
  3. Purple Forerunner (seriously, who has a purple car)
  4. Purple Convertible (okay, it was getting weird at this point
  5. Purple huge flowy pants on a cashier at Whole Foods
  6. "The woman with the purple flip-flops" in my new book I bought yesterday (okay SERIOUSLY, purple flip-flops?? What are the chances of that?

This morning:

  1. 7:50am: not one but TWO shiny purple water bottles on opposite sides of my coffee shop. Both were catching the sunlight so brightly that it brought my eyes right to them. I gulped huge and still have chills.
  2. 8:17am: on the bimonthly forecast calls for my Field reps, the manager shares his forecast spreadsheet and he repeatedly says "these likely deals are in the PURPLE rows". The field rep asks about the PURPLE rows.
  3. Purple napkins
  4. Purple stroller
  5. Purple Honda

Coincidence? Simply that my attention is on purple so I notice it? Really I'm not sure but I know that Saturday afternoon, at the Buddhist Stupa up near Red Feather Lakes, I was meditating and just 'gave it all over' to the altar. I laid my hands palms up to the sky as I completed my meditation and said to the universe, "please help me, please". I realized at the most difficult times in my life when I say I give up, please God help me, there is an immediate relief and such a powerful release that I can't control this thing, that I need help. As far back as I can remember, this turns everything around. Sunday morning I prayed the same way and it feels so good. This is it, I have done everything I can "DO". There's nothing else. I sit humbly in the quiet and silence, present and joyful. My job is done. There is nothing to do but BE.


  1. Thank you so much for this entry! I have been so blue (not purple) and feeling like "my" love is so far away and so impossibly lost. This post reminds me to take a deep breath, connect with God, and release, release, release into trusting, intending, and willing. Love you my beautiful friend!

  2. Got another one for you....Mikaila (one of my twins) loves purple. It's her favorite color, only today her sister Alexis is dressed in a purple shirt and skirt!