Tuesday, July 01, 2008

June in full Bloom

Well, June has come and gone. That I know of... I have not met my prince charming. But wow what a journey I have been through in 30 days! It's hard to put it all into words, kind of wish I would have done it as I went along because I don't fully remember all the twists & turns in the road, but what I'm left with is that everything is okay, all is well. This is my journey. As Harv Ecker said in Toronto, we all came here alone and we die alone. I'm really clear, crystal clear... "he" is nothing more than my job, nothing more than my garden, my yoga practice, my salary, my condo, my BMW. Not that love is a thing, but all the pieces of my life are... my life. They're all what I've chosen and how I spend my time & energy. I can't quite put my finger on what has shifted but here I am, knowing that the only thing that is important is to continue to return to being present. When I'm present, I stop and notice the wind in the trees. Or I smile at someone hiking up Sanitas and love that we're grooving on the same thing. It's just my life .

Here's some Osho Zen cards I pulled in the beginning, middle & end of the month (they were all so perfect everytime).
Breakthrough, Intensity, Ripeness
The Source, Letting Go, Ordinariness
Experiencing, The Lovers, Traveling
Oh, and speaking of being present... here was my Friday afternoon on the rooftop of the Rio with Amelia and her ADORABLE baby Antuan. He loves sucking on lemons - super cute!

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