Monday, July 28, 2008

Summa Pics


Axel, my favorite Doggie right now

Summer skies

Dehan, cutting part of my kitchen wall out

Luca, "looking at the mountains" (he said) on our one-on-one pool date! I was trying to teach him some swimming tidbits, so instead of paddling vertically with his hands & feet, he could swim with his arms in big circles out in front of him which would move him forward faster. I called this motion "pancake" arms - like as in you know, if you were to circle them around pancakes? Yeah, he wasn't too excited about this. On the walk home I asked him what was the most fun about our date. He said, "wellll, I can't really think of anything, it was all fun. Except the pancake arms WEREN'T fun". Crushed!!


  1. Pancake it!!!

  2. Ha! Oh, I want you and Albie to have dates...

    With Albie, I call it swimming like a frog, as opposed to swimming like a dog. He would prefer I leave him alone too.