Friday, September 26, 2008

Cruiser Jam!

Earth & his wife Robin (middle)

So, when I got back from Burning Man, I said there's one thing missing in my life in Boulder and that is DANCING. Inside of that I wanted to be able to express my "funky" side of myself that seems to only "come out" at Burning Man. Well, maybe it's seen in my self-expression, but I wanted to meet more people who have social plans that are missing for me - like dancing, parties with new people. Don't get me wrong, the other parts of my life are very fulfilling for me ~ deep relationships with my girlfriends, a large community of people who are about transformation, my well-being, my family, etc.

As with any possibility that is ripe for the picking (*and where I'm being very free and easy about it versus LOOKING for controlling the outcome), literally within a week of coming back from Burning Man, all sorts of new social invitations were arriving on my doorstep. Like the woman in my RV who owns a *dance studio!!* and is having a Libra party over my birthday weekend. Or like Brett who's having a big dinner party, or my friend from work having a house warming party.

And then there's the Cruisers! I've seen them ride for years and finally put it together that I bet there are a lot of Burners in that crowd (obviously fellow funky peeps). So I had to shake off my shyness a week ago and walk into Wahoo's and into the crowd and just introduce myself around. People started saying VIRGIN CRUISER! and therefore many people were really sweet with me. I shared with a lot of them that I've been wanting to express this side of myself for years but didn't know where these people were! Given my outfit last night, they were pretty shocked how I hadn't found them already.
Probably the best synchronicity of all, though, is that there were two couples (Earth & Robin, Cynthia & Patrick) I met the first week that I thought, wow they're cool. Last night they sought me out, had remembered my name, and said they really wanted my contact info. And suddenly, I had an invite to a women's wine party and to hang out at Decompression. Really cool.

Cynthia (Patrick's girlfriend)

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