Wednesday, October 01, 2008

36, like the highway

This is the card I picked from my Osho Zen deck for my 36th Birthday!

A Water card represents the emotional side of life, tends to be more feminine / receptive energy

Resting in the heart, attuned to our own inner silence, playfulness and intelligence (from the connection to the heart) brings us great joy and sweetness

Trying something new, a cucumber mojita @ Aji's with Kate!
Dinner @ Frasca's with Mark!
Oh my god we had an AWESOME time
laughed until I cried
what a rare gift,
what a good friend

I had a very somber day, actually. Wasn't sure why and yet didn't really make it mean anything either. I got a massage, went and listened to Michelle Obama speak @ CU, got a manicure/pedicure, then went to Aji with Kate for drinks then to Frasca's with Mark. I was super super dressed up (in Boulder dressed up means clean jeans!) so it was just fun. I don't know what happend but we just started laughing and couldn't stop. I'm so glad for our history because it makes us understand each other so much and be able to support each other in very honest ways.

Oh, and Facebook! Wow it's *almost* hard to blog now because I have Facebook. I'm, in my typical fashion, kind of addicted. It's so up to the moment, I like it. I got so much birthday love today, from all of you, voicemails, emails, facebook posts. Wow I'm stunned. I feel so loved, thank you!!

And here's the best birthday present of all, my sweet friend Annie Rose, a graceopenheart fan too!, wrote this on my facebook - THANK YOU! I'll clean up the formatting later

36 Reasons to be Inspired by You:

1. You are a gifted writer2. You are a creative photographer3. You act intentionally4. You are a stand for your family5. You are a spiritually Goddess6. You have grounded, earthly fun7. You blissfully strive to give and receive love in an authentic way8. You expand your Self on a regular basis9. You ran a marathon even though running is hard for you10. You are always, always, always looking to transform11. You see what you want and you go for it12. You are generous with your friends13. You are generous with your Self14. You are always looking for ways to offer empowerment to other women15. You give men the opportunity to engage with a wonderful, powerful, sensitive woman16. You are brave and courageous17. You honor the people around you whether they are close friends or strangers18. You strive to live life deliciously19. You are healthy and treat your body with respect20. You share your gifts with the world
21. You share your sadness which allows others to experience their own22. You have learned how to take care of your well being and invite others to do the same23. You believe in the best of people24. You give your time to doing things right25. You are an incredibly loyal friend26. You find creative ways to move through your day27. You actually utilize the many tools, gifts, and ideas you've been given over the years28. You're HOT!29. You're beyond're beautiful...30. You're wise in a powerful, no bullshit kinda way31. And at the same time you're wise in a gentle, loving way32. You own your individuality33. You authentically speak your voice34. You treat yourself like a queen35. You treat your others like Queens and Kings36. You are a dynamic woman, full of gifts, beauty and light...I love you! Happy birthday!!

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