Saturday, October 18, 2008

Denver Decompression

Last night was Burning Man regional after-burn party... held at a warehouse called the Bomb Factory in downtown Denver. Oh yeah, I went all out with the Wonder Woman in me. I have been taking some sewing lessons and actually finally made the skirt into a for real skirt, with a zipper and darts! It was a TOTAL hack job before, handsewn & lopsided. I'm posting the shots of me HAVING FUN. I feel like in the past six weeks since BM I've come so far in finding new things to do that are different and funky. I've met so many new friends just from the Boulder Cruiser rides, and as a matter of fact when I looked around at the end of the night, our group of 12 were all cuddled up together on couches. It felt like a community and really reminded me of campalicians. I have to say, too, out of everyone I've met (local burners / boulder cruisers), I truly feel like I befriended the nicest, most genuine ones. Feelin lucky! Rest of the crazy picturse here.

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  1. So happy to see what you're creating! And most perfectly: what a lovely, juicy, internal flame to keep you warm and lit-up during the dark months. When we're back in Boulder, I'll totes go cruising with you. But you gotta be the one to dress me up. ;-)