Thursday, October 02, 2008

The first VP debate I've ever watched

I snapped this shot of the girl's reactions within the first 5 minutes

Now this is what politics should look like.

Fun & comraderie, working together, mutual respect.

My take... Sarah was obviously well prepared / well coached. And that's fine. I knew they probably raked her over the coals this week in preparation. The one thing I said within minutes is that she was BRILLIANT to be speaking right into the camera, that "in your living room" kind of feeling. Right away Joe Biden to me seemed more similar to the energy of McCain from last week's debate. The grey hair, not looking at the camera, jumbling out a lot of (very good) information very quickly. It's one of those things where I wished I could reach inside and put a post-it note on his podium (psst look up and talk to the people not to Gwen).

I thought she did a fair job "sounding" like she had some substance to her answers. It took minutes though for her cliches and her winking and her little giddyup routine to wear thin on me. Sigh. Geraldine Ferraro said she was proud to see a woman go "toe-to-toe" with a Senator with that much experience. Hmmm. I think Hillary Clinton goes toe-to-toe. Picture Sarah Palin. She doesn't go toe-to-toe, she goes "Heads knees and shoulders , knees and toes knees and toes." Wink wink!

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