Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Kate's birthday!

Happy 36th Kate! Oh my gosh we / I hosted a party for Katie at the St. Julien hotel in their round room @ the bar. The lighting is so so cool. My mom and my homeade carrot cake was a HIT. I highly reccomend it. Everyone LOVED my mom and found her life very interesting, of course. I mean, how many people live in Baghdad?? Quite a few of Kate's friends are singers so there were five different serenades. Wow, it was really fun. However, I had no voice! I've been really wrestling with the worst throat thing of my life. I've never had a sore throat that lasts this long or hurts this badly! I got tested for strep yesterday (negative) and she gave me liquid codeine because it hurts so much it's waking me up all night.

Um, how cute is Josh?!

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