Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vegas! 156% Quota Achievement!

I love this picture. It was at the opening reception at the Venetian, with gorgeous pools and greenery, very spacious. Indicators of huge budget cuts ~ last year the spread was tables of crab, lobster, shrimp... this year - NO KIDDING - they served shepherd's pie (isn't this the "poor man's" meal??), plain cous cous and CHICKEN NUGGETS. Oh, they also had chili & cornbread. The rest of the "meals" were basically like that - snacks. Everyone was walking around the whole week saying I'm hungry!! We were expected to eat the "meals" served and not to expense other meals, but their "dinner" consisted of appetizers during a cocktail hour. Scary! However, in every breath of complaint and joking about these cuts, we all kept saying, we're so grateful to have jobs!

Some kickass news... I hit 156% of my #, or came in #6 overall. Close to 90% of our organization didn't even hit 100%. I had to deal with myself during the week, though... thoughts of "oh, I just got a lucky territory this year" or "I'm not really that good". My (former) boss had a great pep talk with me and called me on it. He asked me what I'm best at and I said just talking to people, making friends over the phone, setting people at ease, all the while not stopping until I get the information I need. So, I have a new boss now and it's been an awesome kick me in the pants jump start to my new year. It's kind of scary but at least I'm still on the Federal team. Our whole Fed team was at the final dinner saying we are SO lucky to be selling into these accounts. It's probably obvious that the commercial accounts are going to get hard hit by budget cuts. Anyway, GOBAMA!

three of my favorite coworkers

my old boss Bill

ridiculous fun together

my adorable little Sales Development Rep

(which means he calls on / prequalifies my leads)

He's 27 and is kinda... sweet on me

About fell off his chair when he learned I'm 36

I'm all... been there done that with the youngin!

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  1. Congratulations, Helen! You sure are havin' fun gettin' *!#^ done!