Thursday, December 18, 2008

Career musings, writing fussings

Recently, (new to my blog) my Aunt reminded me that she thinks I'm a good writer and that I should write and be paid for it! Thanks for the props. This compliment has always stuck with me, and it's made me feel good how several readers of this blog have said the same thing.
A few of my thoughts about this...
  • For me it's obvious how much I love to write... it flows from me and it's easy for me - but it depends on the subject. Back in 2005, I discovered Mie's blog and knew I had to have one right that second!

  • Which brings me to... I love to write ABOUT MYSELF! I love to write about my life experiences, how I've grown, what has inspired me, what I dream of, what I love, what I've learned, etc. etc.

  • Because all I write about is ME, I've never thought my writing would be of much interest to anyone but my friends and family

  • For oh so many years I sought hard to "figure out" what my ideal career. What was I meant to do? What do I love? I once worked for a company whose core philosophy was that your job should be a creative mishmash of doing what you're good at and what you love. I was so confused - what was good at?

    Over the years in my Human Resource career (which I fell into and thought was pretty close to the mark), I've had many approach me with these same questions or asking how they break into their new career. Honestly my answer was pretty standard, you gotta find it on your own, you've got to seek it proactively and do the networking. I've never found it easy to give people the bad news that the higher # of resumes they send out or post on is NOT equivalent to increasing their chances of getting an interview. My best advice is that you've got to put energy into it, most of us haven't had a clear vision and have the fantasy that someday we'll just "know" what it is we're meant to do. Maybe. Maybe not!

    Now, thankfully it is very simple for me to see my strengths and my passions:
  • I love "self-growth"... courses, conversations, reflection, therapy, I like to "go deep"

  • I'm really good with people, I connect quickly and put people at ease, people open up to me and let their guard down

  • I love having fun and being silly with people, and do my best when I am relaxed and having fun

  • I love to inspire others by my life experiences, my struggles, my victories

  • I say what I want and I go for it in life, and this empowers others

  • I love supporting others, and I can usually see what the next step towards their goals might be, or where they might be stuck

  • I see the best in people, see their strengths and find great fulfillment in making people feel good about their talents

  • I'm great at strategy and seeing the future, I know how to get fire under my goals and can work very quickly to organize steps for immediate action. I can mobilize large groups of people and can see on a large scale what needs to get done right now.

    1. Towards the end of last year, I was getting itchy to either get out of Human Resources or move to a smaller company. To allow for a big change that wouldn't shut out any options, I stated it simply that I wanted to do what I was good at and to be having fun. Lo and behold, a huge opportunity presented itself for a MASSIVE career change into sales. One year later, and after getting my review yesterday, it is beyond clear that although this is (almost too) easy for me, I am naturally good at it. I create relationships with people and am not shy when it comes to getting what I want!!

      However... I'm very tired of working from home. While I feel extremely fortunate for this option, it's hard for me.Working from home means that I'm not actually "with" people. That's become a new distinction I'm going to tack on to "being good with people IN PERSON!". Even though I'm a self-motivated person, I've found that sometimes I do work because I'm accountable for it, someone else is going to know I didn't do it so I'd better do it! The urgent stuff of my job - creating quotes, closing deals - isn't hard for me, but it's the stuff that doesn't have deadlines (i.e. calling leads) just doesn't get done.

      So, to kick off 2009, I'm going to say some new things in hopes that casting this wide net will attract these things to me:

    2. Writing short articles and developing a style for publication

    3. For my "day job", I want to be partnering, in person, with people, teams, groups. Rather than meeting new people all the time, I'd like to be fostering relationships, working on projects and feeling like I'm providing great value that drives business objectives and shows measurable accomplishments for my success.

    4. I want to have several regular paying clients that I am coaching. I think I've worked through my hesitations about this and want to move this forward. I know it's my future, working one on one with others and supporting their self-growth. Time to get to practicing! I know it will be deeply fulfilling and validating as well to see people be growing right before my eyes and to know that I had a hand in their journey.

    5. To be training to speak in front of people.

    6. So, that's it! Thanks for reading and for your support. From what I read on blogs, it's kind of rare that people give themselves props, but for me it's important for me to write down so I don't forget. It helps me to go back and remind myself of my value and to stay focused on that! It's like "notes to self"!


      1. Dad and Gail8:09 AM

        Hi Helen,

        You are good at these things, but you need to proof read a little better, but we think you would be a great therapist, or counselor. You also could do writing, you are very good with prose, and sometimes poetic! 

        Love  to All

        RK & GK

      2. Aunt Peggy8:09 AM

        I am SO thankful that you're emailing your blogs directly to me!  Loved reading this.  Have to go off now to a knitting shop to get help to complete a project for Baby Jack.  Will try to remember to respond more to this later.  But there's no doubt about it.......YES, you're a good writer. 
        Love you much,

      3. We haven't spoke in a while, but I too, continue to read up on your life. Not only are you a truly great woman and interesting person, you do have the "knack" to inspire! You do give great advice and help with direction. I wish I would have followed more of your advice, because the little I did listen too, has brought me happiness. Thanks for being HELEN! Happy Happy Holidays and much Love!!! Tom

      4. He he. Love that I was a part in helping you get started :) Now it's all yours in your very own style.

        Looking forward to chatting with you in person!


      5. Hmmm...and another thought. How about a one-on-one yoga trainer? I was thinking about asking you to help me, and thought you could make some money at it! I love all your ideas, and I especially loved how you mentioned motivating large groups of people. Yeah, I really see that one! And a book? Yes, of course.