Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Highlights

My new fedora hat!

Congratulations to Josh for getting hired onto the Boulder Police Department! I'm now calling him Officer Woop Woop! I hoped into his lap in my Leopard print pants to simulate what it would be like to arrest a prostitute!

Let the cat out of the bag G'Ma!

Have been conquering a cold and wanted to really get it OUT before going to San Francisco, so my friend Sarito gave me an acupuncture treatment and some herbs. DISGUSTING! There was bark & various other pieces that looked like they came off the forrest floor. Hmm. Seemed to do the trick though!

G'Ma lulls Moose to sleep

Mom got us the coolest gift! A book was just published about my Great Grandfather, Kenneth Chapman, whose work in Santa Fe with the Native American Indians helped them to honor the art and history of their pottery.

O' Christmas Tree, O'Christmas Tree

It was awesome having Mom here the past two months, it felt like a real Christmas with her making her mom's famous enchiladas and a full Christmas dinner!

Moose loved his fortune cookie treats & their fortunes (my favorite was "if a cat's got your tongue there's something very wrong!)

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