Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Launch into Spring: A Woman's Workshop

Ooooooooooooh the bravery! Literally just over a week ago, I was challenged to start my life's work. I hesitated for one heartbeat, then immediately said, it's time for me to lead a seminar. I thought, one what?? One heartbeat, on the Enneagram and empowering women! On the back of a piece of mail I designed the course - in 15 minutes no less. Uh, I think I'm ready. All those years of thinking "someday" I'll do this. Honestly I thought it would be YEARS from now. And that I had to be more qualified. The jig is up! I sent it to 52 of my contacts, three of which are part of massive spiritual or psychotherapy networks. I also sent it to another network of healers whose membership sits at 600. PLAYING BIG THIS YEAR!

Here's the invite...

Designed for a small group of powerful women, this six session course will launch you into Spring, the season of empowered action.

With a ten year career in Human Resources and Sales in corporate America, Helen brings a unique blend of professional skills to coaching women. We will start and finish with your life dreams, focusing on what you want and how you can bypass old barriers. We will also build a foundation for your physical and spiritual Well-Being, the true sources of living a fulfilling life.

Next comes two of the greatest self-awareness tools for manifesting powerful and measurable results. First is the "Enneagram", a system which looks into one's tendencies in personality type, including how to optimize your best qualities and work gently with what challenges you. The second tool is a strength-based approach to performance, which disputes our culture's focus on improving our weaknesses in the spirit of "be all that we can be".

Upon culmination of the workshop, you will have a renewed belief in yourself and a clear picture of how to use your unique style and strengths to fulfill your dreams.

Tuition $150
** Register by February 4th and pay only $125.

Session Dates
Tuesday 7-9pm:
Feb 24th

Saturdays 10-noon:
Feb 28th
Mar 7th
Mar 14th
Mar 21st
March 28th

Books required for this course:
The Wisdom of the Enneagram, Riso & Hudson
Now, Discover Your Strengths, Marcus Buckingham*

*must be new as an online test comes with book

Boulder Center for Conscious Living
1637 28th Street
Boulder, CO 80301

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