Friday, January 09, 2009

New Friends

This year I felt so blessed to have busted open into a new group of friends. The past few years I've felt like I led such a boring social life, doing the same things and going to the same restaurants for the same happy hours. I've been saying I wanted something new, and for whatever reason it took a few years to make it happen! Because I'm sharing a lot of the exciting stories with longtime (older, but not literally!) friends, I thought I'd post some pictures so you can put a name to a face. Amy! The other night I walked in and we were dressed like twins. I'm always laughing when I'm around her. She's married to Ronica and they're who I'm going to the inauguration with!
Amy's wife Ronica
Earth & Robin
Earth's a sculpture & a DJ
Robin is basically one of the founders of the Cruisers rides I'm always talking about. Robin's best friends with Ronica, and that's how I met Amy & Ronica!

Me & Robin going to the Best Host Party

Robin & Earth ~ this is the first night I met them and they stuck out in my mind. I don't even know why I was compelled to take this shot of them, because I only talked to them for about 2 minutes. We looked back at that and thought, well, we were meant to be friends.

This was a classic Amy night, probably about 3am? She was serving us her flourless chocolate cake that she forgot to serve earlier at dinner. Her father was a food chemist and she said ever since she's gotten to Colorado she hasn't been able to bake it correctly. In my words, holy yumminess.
The same night, I think, this is Ronica eating her UNBELIEVABLE penne pasta in her Santa suit!! Oh, did I mention they're amazing cooks?!

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